Avana Kapila Murghas Bag

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Avana Kapila Murghas Bag Means

Fodder will be great, cows will be he... Read more

Avana Kapila Murghas Bag Means

Fodder will be great, cows will be healthy!

Features of Avana Kapila Murghas Bag:

  • Avana Kapila Poultry Bag is made from new fabric to produce better heifers and increase milk yield by 10-12%. (For example if a Jersey cow gives 20 liters of milk, like 10%, the milk will increase by 2 liters per day. That means an increase of 60 liters of milk per month and at the rate of Rs. 25 per liter, there will be an additional profit of Rs. 1500 per month).
  • Liners are made from food grade quality materials to produce chemical free fodder and produce high quality poultry. 
  • Using better quality materials in manufacturing the fabric of the Avana Kapila Poultry Bag allows the liner to stretch more allowing for more fodder to be filled.
  • Avana Kapila Poultry Bag has an airtight liner and duffle top to ensure optimal fermentation of fodder.
  • Fodertex technology is used to make the Murghas bag last longer. Due to the use of UV polymer in the fabric of the bag to prevent the bag from chaffing, the bag can last longer in sunlight.
  • Avana Kapila Poultry Bag has strong loops, so the loops remain strong even when the bag is hung and filled with feed under pressure.  
  • Avana Kapila Murghas Bag is very strong with double stitching.
  • Kapila Murghas Bag available for protection against mice or insects by paying a premium of Rs.25 only.
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